Kayak Fishing

Three of the Craziest Catches while Kayak Fishing

The kayak journey is an interesting one, both from a historical perspective and from the perspective of actual use. According to archaeological findings, dwellers of the Northern regions (arctic) conceptualised what we know today as kayaks some 4000 years ago. Back then, kayak use was primarily restricted to hunting. This was on coastal waters, rivers and inland lakes. The construction was simple yet effective; wooden frame made from driftwood and stitched animal skins stretched over it.
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The Best Kayak Fishing Spots in Europe

Well, want no more, because here at Galaxy Kayaks we are lucky enough to have a fantastic team of colleagues, pro-team and friends that stretch far across the European fishing community and so we have asked some of our most experienced and well-traveled fishing amigos across the lands for some information on their favourite locations not for only kayak fishing, but also for some serious relaxation and taking in the local culture.
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Top Choices for Kayak Fishing TV Shows

We all love to be in the know. We all want the best advice and top tips. Knowledge passed on, passed down and passed around is key for any community’s sense of spirit and survival, and we thrive upon sharing our experiences with others that want to learn, that want to engage and that want to be inspired. At Galaxy Kayaks we are no different. We love to share our knowledge and experiences with others whilst always learning and aspiring to achieve perfection within our own field of expertise.
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Ten Golden Rules of Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a superb sport and an excellent way to explore the “great outdoors”, keep fit and relax. At Galaxy Kayaks we want to promote the ‘best practice’ methods that have helped keep this fantastic activity friendly,maintain an open community and an appreciation for our natural surroundings. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of Golden Rules that apply when taking part in this fascinating sporting activity.
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