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Kayaking at 70 Years - Adventure Has No Age Limit

At this point, it is pretty much cliché to state that age is just but a number. An argument can be made for both the proponents and opponents of the saying. While from a more realistic, true-to-life perspective one may argue that age determines factors like achieving legal adult status, driving license viability and retirement, the counter-argument is that age should not limit or be an obstacle to how one chooses to live their life over and above the stated factors. As a child, one is blessed with an overly adventurous mind. We are curious, always unsatisfied with not knowing and not seeing. Repercussions to actions take a seat at the back of the bus, and a desire to experience takes the wheel.
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Three of the Craziest Catches while Kayak Fishing

The kayak journey is an interesting one, both from a historical perspective and from the perspective of actual use. According to archaeological findings, dwellers of the Northern regions (arctic) conceptualised what we know today as kayaks some 4000 years ago. Back then, kayak use was primarily restricted to hunting. This was on coastal waters, rivers and inland lakes. The construction was simple yet effective; wooden frame made from driftwood and stitched animal skins stretched over it.
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The Link Between Kayaking and Improved Mental Health

Ever noticed how you often feel more focused, relaxed, and calm after a kayaking trip or spending time in nature? Well, researchers claim that interacting with nature has benefits to our mental health – from reducing anxiety, managing depression, improving mood, and even increasing our cognitive abilities. "The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside…” – Anne Frank
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Kayak Stability: Gaining Confidence with Stability

Stability and balance are key principles in life – in varying degrees of course. When attempting to stand on one leg or walking along a line on the pavement, balance is essential, as is stability. Change things up to walking a tight rope several feet in the air, and stability or confidence become more than necessary. While not as intimidating as walking a tight rope, kayaking also requires stability when in the water.
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Cool Inventions in Recycling Plastics

While a lot of people remain either indifferent or ignorant to pollution in whichever form, more and more people are coming alive to the fact that environmental rehabilitation is an overdue necessity. Those at the very forefront of this fight are doing a lot to salvage things, even though their efforts are still not enough as is. There are, however, those who are pulling most of the weight on behalf of all of us and have turned simple and brilliant ideas into workable strategies to fight pollution, at least in regards to cleaning up the ocean. These vast bodies of formerly clean and gleaming water have now become dumping grounds for an unfortunate amount of garbage, plastics to be exact.
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The Best Kayak Fishing Spots in Europe

Well, want no more, because here at Galaxy Kayaks we are lucky enough to have a fantastic team of colleagues, pro-team and friends that stretch far across the European fishing community and so we have asked some of our most experienced and well-traveled fishing amigos across the lands for some information on their favourite locations not for only kayak fishing, but also for some serious relaxation and taking in the local culture.
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9 Crazy Kayak Fishing Videos

We may be a bit partial to saying that kayak fishing is one of the best ways of enjoying the wonderful outdoors. It’s not just because you get to experience nature but you also get to practice your favourite hobby and some exercise at the same time. It’s also versatile as you can be paddling one day to some wrecks off your local coast and the next day you can be up river exploring new and remote spots.
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Kayak Safety Tips: Wind and Tide

The thrill of kayaking is unlike any other. This water-sport pits you against powerful seas, lakes, and rapids, battling your way through, maneuvering your vessel against mother nature. Kayaking is safe and very easy to participate in even for first-timers. But Mother Nature is as kind and beautiful as she can be unforgiving, especially when not respected. The ocean can prove to be a constantly changing environment and the change could possibly be for the worst. Understanding such hazards beforehand prepares you for any eventuality and helps develop a safety conscious attitude that goes a long way in ensuring that you make the best decisions while on the water, decisions that ensure your safety above everything else.
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The Best Kayaking Adventure Holidays in Europe

Europe has something for everyone, from high culture to great gastronomy to adrenaline-pumping experiences. There are mountains that meet the stars, vivid colors moving through night skies and roads that wander aimlessly over hilltops. Europe is full of many languages, cultures, with many natural landmarks and an endless variety of coastlines. These coastlines offer many types of kayaking experiences. Searching for your next European Kayaking experience? Look no further.
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How To Paddle: Basic Paddling Strokes Kayaking

If you’re off kayaking and want to make sure you've got the basics down, there are a few basic paddling strokes that will give you the start you need. One of the first items kayakers upgrade is their paddle and this is all great once you’ve mastered the basic strokes. From learning to move forward to turning and controlling the boat, there’s a stroke for everything. 
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