Three of the Craziest Catches while Kayak Fishing

The kayak journey is an interesting one, both from a historical perspective and from the perspective of actual use. According to archaeological findings, dwellers of the Northern regions (arctic) conceptualised what we know today as kayaks some 4000 years ago. Back then, kayak use was primarily restricted to hunting. This was on coastal waters, rivers and inland lakes. The construction was simple yet effective; wooden frame made from driftwood and stitched animal skins stretched over it.

Kayak Fishing is Trending!

The popularity of kayaks, and consequently, kayak fishing, has increased significantly over the years. While the creators of the kayaks were not solely dependent on them for fishing, modern day kayakers involved in fishing for sport and fun certainly do. Sportfishing from kayakers has certainly enjoyed a healthy rise in popularity. The convenience of kayaks cannot be overstated. The fact that they are inexpensive for starters contributes significantly to their fame. It facilitates inclusivity such that a lot of interested people can participate in the activity due to its affordability. They can also be stored in insanely small spaces and retrieved easily for use. Additionally, Kayaks are easily customisable when it comes from turning them into an enjoyable mode of water transport to a small-scale personal fishing rig.

It is easy to see why more and more people are getting involved in kayak fishing, both for fun and for sport, which is more or less the same thing. While the techniques used are similar to those used in normal boats, setups differ due to the size of kayaks, even modern ones. Those with all the bells and whistles on their kayaks go for fish that would give them the most bragging rights, of course. Halibut, tuna, sailfish, king mackerel, red drum, marlin, and seatrout all fall into this prestigious category. There have, however, been those whose catches while kayak fishing superseded anything in that category.

  1.      Jaws of Terror

Lance Burgos was one such rather fortunate person as he was out kayak fishing in Lake Fausse Point State Park in St. Martinsville, Louisiana. Lance in his kayak with his child in tow, pedalling about, routinely checking his floating lines when he felt something on one of them. ‘I think we’ve got a garfish, dude,’ he said to his child. That was no garfish. What he had actually caught, to quote him directly, was ‘a big ass gator.’ Yes, what looks like a big alligator briefly emerges from the water as Lance pulls up the line before he very quickly and instinctively drops the line and speedily pedals himself and his child away from imminent danger. Fortunately for them, the alligator was seemingly unperturbed by the encounter and just sank back into the water.

What is even more nerve-wracking is the fact that seconds before the alligator emerged, Lance’s child had stretched out their hand over the water in an attempt to help Lance out before Lance, warned them to be careful. Disaster averted. Other kayakers can be seen in the background pedaling away from the alligator’s vicinity as well. The child is instinctively crying after the fact that, and just to give us perspective, points out to another kayak and says, “It’s bigger than your boat!”. “That will get your blood flowing!” Lance says. How right he is.

  1.      Sturgeon Kayak Fishing

Over in Idaho, a ‘monstrous sturgeon’ nearly sank a kayak. The duo of Steven Carroll and Bryce Thompson of Caldwell and Twin Falls respectively managed to catch and 8-foot long sturgeon while kayak fishing on Snake River. In the video shot from Steven’s perspective, Bryce can be seen to have something caught on his line and is moving towards it, while Steven follows close by. Steven turns the camera around and turns it back towards Bryce’s kayak just in time to see a huge sturgeon emerge out of the water in the entirety of its length and seemingly stand there for a few milliseconds before it goes back underwater. And as anyone would, Steven loses his ability to keep calm.

After a series of several exclamatory statements and an expression of joy at catching the scene on film, Steven correctly says: “Dude, you’re so lucky that didn’t land on you.” Bryce acknowledges this because if it had, the kayak stood not a chance. The duo told Fox News that it was Bryce’s first-time sturgeon fishing, and Steven was teaching him the ropes. What a monster first catch! It took a whole hour to reel in. The sturgeon was later set free by the two as it is illegal to take sturgeons out of the water in Idaho, according to Steven.

  1.      Want an Eight-Arm Hug?

Back in 2011, Bryce, another Bryce I believe, thought he had caught a snag but had actually hooked an octopus. Yes, an octopus. “Look at him dude; it’s badass…”, Bryce can be heard saying. The guy with the camera gives us an underwater look at the catch and yes, it is an octopus. A big one by the looks of it. It seems to have swallowed a hook, and a big one at that. Truth be told it is a scary sight, the octopus looks big enough to engulf the kayak and turn it over, but it just floats in the water as the kayakers revel in their catch. While not the Kraken, this still was a monstrous catch.