Top Kayak Accessories for 2019

A day out kayaking is great, but we all know that having the right tools will make the day even more enjoyable. 
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Which kayak is right for you

When people think of kayaking, they usually think of sea kayaks or iconic images of dare devil whitewater kayaks, being skilfully paddled down frothing white, rapid-filled gorges are conjured up. Hard hats and hardcore gear for die-hard thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies are brought to mind, but there are, in fact, many, extremely different, dimensions to the wonderful world of kayaking from gently meandering downstream on a delightful tandem, two-people leisure kayak to trawling adventurously across a deep, blue sea on a fully kitted-out, multifunctional, fishing kayak, you may be surprised at just how many sides to kayaking there are. So, let’s look at what types of kayaks we have available and which are best suited to the many different, qualities that each kayaking experience can give you.
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