Which kayak is right for you


When people think of kayaking, they usually think of sea kayaks or iconic images of dare devil whitewater kayaks, being skilfully paddled down frothing white, rapid filled gorges are conjured up. Hard hats and hardcore gear for die-hard thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies are brought to mind, but there are, in fact, many, extremely different, dimensions to the wonderful world of kayaking from gently meandering downstream on a delightful tandem, two-people leisure kayak to trawling adventurously across a deep, blue sea on a fully kitted-out, multifunctional, fishing kayak, you may be surprised at just how many sides to kayaking there are.

 So, let’s look at what types of kayaks we have available and which are best suited to the many different, qualities that each kayaking experience can give you.


Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for the sea and are fantastic for fun filled weekends at the coast; exploring oceans around the globe. Sea or touring kayaks, as they are also known, are paddle powered, sit-in kayaks that have super sleek, v-shaped hulls that the kayaker slides into. Due to their dynamic, streamline design they are acutely agile ocean-play kayaks, and can be seen skilfully and effortlessly carving their way through the waves. Sea kayaks are able to achieve wickedly, high speeds on the water, making them ideal for traveling long distances and exploring the open sea; taking your adventure further and your horizons wider.

These kayaks are physically demanding and are fantastic watercraft for those looking to challenge themselves whilst keeping fit in the process. Paddling and maneuverability can be tricky, especially in difficult conditions, and so sea kayaking does require a somewhat greater level of skill and practice than other types of kayaking, but once you have experienced a sea kayak’s thrilling ride and mastered it’s technique, it will open up to you the exhilarating world of boundless opportunities  and experiences that ocean play kayaking can provide.

Due to their speed and aptitude for travelling long distances, sea kayaks can also be excellent vessels for any avid sea kayak fishermen amongst us, especially those that love to trawl. Some sea kayaks, such as the Galaxy Eskimo Anglers 16 touring kayak by Galaxy Kayaks, can be adapted by using specifically designed interchangeable, accessory mounts, so that trawling rods, and other fishing specific equipment, can be mounted on to the sea kayak at any one time, creating a unique blend of deep, sea fishing and fun-loving touring kayak, that will not only cut a fine looking figure upon the ocean waves, but will land you ‘the lunker' that lurks far off shore!

 The Galaxy Eskimo Angler 16 Sea Kayak

The Galaxy Eskimo Angler 16 Sea Kayak


Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are kayaks that have been specially designed with the angler in mind. Unlike sit-in sea kayaks, they are sit-on vessels that have a chair and are steadfast and sturdy enough for almost anyone to jump aboard and start fishing from straight away, regardless of age and/or experience.

Fishing kayaks are wide and stable kayaks that are predominantly paddle powered and can be used for sea, lake and river fishing. They are designed to be able to cope with many different locations and conditions and are extremely comfortable when covering long distances. Many have a rudder and peddle system to help with the maneuverability of the kayak, and some even have the capacity for the addition of an on board motor, aiding your ability to power across a variety of waterways to secluded spots and far away, offshore, fishy locations.

Some fishing kayaks are bigger and more complicated than others and so researching the correct fishing kayak and fishing kayak set up for you is essential. Basic, one person, and tandem, two people models are available for beginners and/or depending on your needs at the time, and basic models can be easily upgraded as your experience and needs grows, by adding items such as retro-fitted storage boxes, that can be used for everything from keeping clothes and valuables dry to live bait boxes and cool storage containers, along with multipurpose accessory mounts.

Multipurpose accessory mounts allow for many different popular, and even sometimes mandatory, accessories to be fitted to your fishing kayak as and when needed, enabling you to reach your maximum potential while kayak fishing on any occasion. By using accessory mounts, like Starports by Railblaza, safety flags and lights and trawling rods can installed at the rear of the kayak, whilst camera booms and camera mounts, fish tracking and GPS devices and a selection of rods holders can all be installed at the front, alongside walkie talk, mobile phone, and GoPro holders.

High specification kayaks and accessories can be bought together in packs that are put together by kayak fishing experts, from suppliers such as Galaxy Kayaks, that include all of the necessary equipment and accessories for a safe and successful day’s fishing. Many fishing kayaks, like the Galaxy Alboran Fishing Kayak also from Galaxy Kayaks, come already loaded and readily equipped to land your next big catch. This kayak in particular, has three handy storage compartments built into its hull, including a bait well and a tackle box, and comes as standard with eight accessory mounts strategically placed around the kayak eagerly waiting to be fitted with all the gadgets, gizmos and fishing equipment of your choice.

Galaxy Albaron Fishing Kayak

 Galaxy Albaron Fishing Kayak

So, be it a beginner’s maiden voyage gliding across a glistening lake with a single rod or an experienced fishing kayaker’s 100th expedition trawling the open ocean on another long haul sea-salty mission, a fishing kayak can be tailor made to suit you, right down to the chair that you sit on, to allowing you your very own personal journey to your favourite fishing location, at your own pace, with ease and in comfort, whilst taking the time to relax and be at one with nature, with enough on board space for a cool box, a change of dry clothes, a bait box, a GoPro and the dog. 


Leisure Kayaks

Kayak surfing, kayaks for snorkelling and diving, kayaks for keeping fit, kayaks for travel, kayaks for photography, kayaks for exploration, kayaks for adventure, kayaks in harmony with nature, kayaking with the kids, kayaking with friends, kayaks can be used for and at your leisure and Leisure Kayaks can be used for all of these things, and some. Leisure kayaks are sit-on,  comfortable and stable kayaks. Some are small and neat little kayaks, like the Galaxy Fuego, and others, like the Galaxy Cruz Tandem are two people kayaks, with plenty of room aboard. Both have effective storage, watertight solutions, and a removable seat, and are easy to store and transport.

 Galaxy Cruz Tandem Leisure Kayak

Galaxy Cruz Tandem Leisure Kayak

Galaxy Fuego Leisure Kayak

Galaxy Fuego Leisure Kayak 

Leisure kayaks are meant for having fun, meant for throwing in the back of the van, or on the roof of the car, and whisking off for an action packed a day on the coast or a meander down the river. They are great in light to medium conditions and are a superb watercraft for beginners. Leisure kayaks are at home on lakes and rivers and are equally happy to be let loose at sea, surfing the waves and covering longer distances. They can reach those hard to reach places and can also be fitted with accessories and equipment to suit the day’s task.

Camera’s can be fitted for wildlife filming and photography, GPS systems installed for exploring coastlines, accessing reefs and finding your favourite spots for diving. Leisure kayaks are great for embracing the great outdoors, whilst keeping fit and engaging in a sports activity that can challenge you both physically and mentally.

Introducing any type of kayaking into your life will improve your health, but above all kayaking is all about having fun, your type of fun, and all types of personal challenges, and adventures and excursions with family and friends, can be achieved by investing in a kayak that specifically suits your needs, be it an invested interest in your ongoing health and fitness regime or wanting to just take time out, away from it all to relax, and simply marvel at the natural world, there’s a kayaking journey out there for everyone, that doesn’t necessarily have to leave you white knuckled.