Kayaking at 70 Years - Adventure Has No Age Limit

At this point, it is pretty much cliché to state that age is just but a number. An argument can be made for both the proponents and opponents of the saying. While from a more realistic, true-to-life perspective one may argue that age determines factors like achieving legal adult status, driving license viability and retirement, the counter-argument is that age should not limit or be an obstacle to how one chooses to live their life over and above the stated factors. As a child, one is blessed with an overly adventurous mind. We are curious, always unsatisfied with not knowing and not seeing. Repercussions to actions take a seat at the back of the bus, and a desire to experience takes the wheel.
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The Best Kayaking Adventure Holidays in Europe

Europe has something for everyone, from high culture to great gastronomy to adrenaline-pumping experiences. There are mountains that meet the stars, vivid colors moving through night skies and roads that wander aimlessly over hilltops. Europe is full of many languages, cultures, with many natural landmarks and an endless variety of coastlines. These coastlines offer many types of kayaking experiences. Searching for your next European Kayaking experience? Look no further.
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Why should you start Kayaking?

Did you ever wonder why you started something that you now do regularly? Like painting, photography, knitting or any other hobby, which you regularly do in your day-to-day life. Maybe at college, you wanted to impress your date, or your parents had a stupendous love story, which you wanted to tell the world about through your blog, your grandparents might have a vintage camera. Who knows? It can be a mixture of many motivations.
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Practical Equipment and Tips for Kayak Adventures

Whether battling the elements at sea or gliding across a mill pond, a kayak can be adjusted to suit your every need. Customised, bespoke, tailor-made, personalised, specialised are all words that we can apply to kayaks and kayaking equipment and like with most activities it is essential to equip yourself with the right tools for the task. So, once you have researched and found the perfect kayak for you, be it a laid back leisure kayak like the Galaxy Blaze, a super sleek Sea Kayak such as the Galaxy Eskimo 17, or a long haul fishing kayak similar to the sturdy and steadfast Galaxy Alboran, it is time to look at what accessories are available for it, and how your basic kayak can be adapted to suit the specific needs of you, the kayaker and the specific needs of the day.
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