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  • Cruz Pro Angler

    The new Galaxy Cruz Pro Angler is the latest version of our most popular fishing kayak line. This new sit on top kayak comes even more equipped. The Galaxy Cruz Pro Angler comes with side rails, a comfortable high seat option, a larger transducer compartment with a protective cover included and a selection of coloured bungees & lifelines that allow...

  • Tandem Solo Fisher

    The new Galaxy Tandem Solo Fisher sit on top kayak is designed for fishing with friends!  New for this model: Can connect adjustable foot pedals to centre seat converting it into a solo kayak 2 x raised 26cm central storage hatches Transducer compartment with protective cover Part of our new Galaxy HV Series™!

  • Alborán HV

    The Alborán HV is part of the new Galaxy HV Series™! This fishing kayak comes fully equipped to land your next big catch. New For This Model: Larger transducer compartment with protective cover Part of new HV Series™!

  • Blaze Fisher HV

    The Blaze Fisher HV kayak is part of our new Galaxy HV Series™!  The Galaxy Blaze Fisher HV sit on top kayak is our most elegant and versatile ride. This medium sized kayak allows for a smoother glide across the water making lengthy journeys easier. 

  • Rider HV

    The Rider HV is part of our new Galaxy HV Series™! The Rider HV is our most affordable fishing kayak that comes with loads of great features and fishing accessories as standard. Don’t let the price fool you! This kayak packs a punch and has everything needed to get out on the water and start fishing with your buddies!

  • Supernova

    Are you a kayak fishermen that wants a dedicated pedal kayak? The new Supernova from Galaxy Kayaks is our top of the range pedal kayak that is ready for your next big catch.  This model is part of our new Galaxy HV Series™!

    1 979€
  • Tandem Vista HV

    The Tandem Vista HV is part of our new Galaxy HV Series™! If you want to go kayak fishing with friends and family then it is time to look at a tandem fishing kayak. New For This Model: •   Transducer compartment with protective cover •   Part of the new Galaxy HV Series™

  • Wahoo S Series

    The latest paddle, motor and pedal kayak from Galaxy Kayaks is now available with all three options! New For This Model: •   Transducer compartment with new protective cover •   Part of new Galaxy HV Series™!

    1 599€
  • Black Marlin

    The Black Marlin is our latest top of the range paddle powered fishing kayak that is designed for serious offshore kayaking. Black Marlin New Features Rails on both sides of the kayak Central hatch now opens to the interior of the kayak to store rods & other equipment Increased space in rear storage area Two new fixed rod holders Moulded anchorage in...

  • Alboran FX

    The Alboran FX is the first flipper powered pedal kayak from Galaxy Kayaks.  Ultraline-Flippers - For fast and effective pedalling  Live bait well Four rails - to accessorise your kayak to your needs Deck with EVA non slip sound absorbing pads - for comfortable and quiet stand up fishing Voyager-FX Seat - super comfortable and fully adjustable with three...

    1 499€

Fishing Kayaks - Discover Our Range For All Anglers

At Galaxy Kayaks you will find a large range of fishing kayaks to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality fishing kayaks at affordable prices.

In our range of kayaks for fishing you will find everything from paddle powered through to pedal kayaks and those with electric mo...

Fishing Kayaks - Discover Our Range For All Anglers

At Galaxy Kayaks you will find a large range of fishing kayaks to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality fishing kayaks at affordable prices.

In our range of kayaks for fishing you will find everything from paddle powered through to pedal kayaks and those with electric motors.

Which kayak style is right for you?

Paddle kayaks: these are the traditional form of kayaks that have been around for thousands of years. Our paddle powered fishing kayaks come designed with fishing in mind and include accessories like rod holders and transducer mounts to adapt to today's modern fisherman. You will find types of sit on top kayaks in our range: from longer to shorter, wide and thin, we aim to provide the best kayaks for you.

Pedal kayaks: these kayaks have been made popular more recently and allow the user to power the kayak through the use of their leg muscles. Various varieties of pedal kayaks exist from propellor based through to flipper style kayaks. Pedal kayaks are particularly popular for fishermen as it allows them to navigate whilst hands free.

Motor kayaks: these kayaks have become popular in the last few years in part due to the advancement of electric motors. Electric motor kayaks are particularly popular with people who want to travel greater distances and those who have certain physical restraints.

Kayak specifications - choosing a kayak for your needs

Long kayaks: longer kayaks track better on the water and glide farther with each stroke compared to shorter boats

Short kayaks: are easier to store (think about storage space at home), are lighter and much easier to handle out of the water

Wide kayaks: the wider your kayak the more stable it will be. Stability is a key aspect for fishing kayaks, especially if you plan on anchoring down and fishing specific spots.

Narrow kayaks: handle much better than wider kayaks and are faster. Narrow kayaks tend to be more efficient because they bring the paddler closer to the centre-line of your kayak.

Max carry capacity: depending on the build of the kayak it will be able to handle different maximum weights. Longer and wider kayaks tend to carry the most amount of weight and this is important for those that want to bring lots of fishing gear.

The right accessories for your needs

Choosing the right kayak for your needs is the crucial first step to spending days on the water. But every kayak angler also knows having the right tools for the job makes life a little bit easier.

Some key accessories to consider for your fishing kayak:

Seating system: whether it’s a high seat or low seat, having the right seat for your kayak will make the experience that much better. No matter what, having a padded seat is essential to avoid the much dreaded ‘kayak butt’.

Rod holders: do exactly what they say. It’s an essential piece of kit for kayak anglers and there’s a large range of different styles available. All our fishing kayaks come with rod holders as standard. We also design our kayaks to be able to attach a large range of Railblaza products, including their range of rod holders.

Rudder and pedal system: on long kayaks a rudder is an incredibly important piece of kit. It helps maneuver your kayak and when paddling in windy conditions it helps keep your kayak straight. The rudder is controlled by the foot pedals in your cockpit.

Fish Finder: using a fish finder will help you have an edge when kayak fishing. It essentially allows you to see underwater and is helpful in finding great fishing spots. Many anglers use it to find structure which helps them target specific species - for example when bass fishing or target groupers. There’s a large range of fish finders available and to suit any fisherman's needs.

Lifeline: having a lifeline on your kayak is useful for some added safety. It allows you to hold onto the kayak in case you fall out and is useful for other things such as anchor positioning. All our new kayaks come with HV series lifelines that are designed in various colours to add brightness and visibility when needed.

Storage: having storage on your kayak is essential to kayak fishing because of the amount of gear you will be going out with. Storage compartments with tackle boxes are found in lots of our kayaks and having a large rear storage area with our HV bungees helps secure any gear down to your boat.

Life Jacket PFD: a life jacket is an essential piece of equipment that everyone should use each time they head out kayaking.

Customer service and expertise

Our team of kayakers would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right fishing kayak. We have a team of professionals throughout Europe at your disposal and are happy to get you where you want to be in your kayak fishing journey. Whether it’s your first kayak or your third, we’d be happy to help you choose the right kayak for you!



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