The Fuego kayak is a comfortable and safe option for kayaking that features a compact design and ample storage space. With a durable rope lifeline, bungee storage areas, and a premium comfort seat, this kayak is ready for your next adventure.

Key Features:

  • Stable and comfortable design
  • Central hatch with ample storage space
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Comes fully equipped with a seat, paddle, and durable lifeline
  • Three coloured bungees and lifeline options
  • Now available in special edition colours: Sage, Mars, Midnight Storm and Mint Green.

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Discover our new Fuego kayak, the ultimate solution for a comfortable and safe kayaking experience! The Fuego is the most stable and comfortable kayak in our range, and it's packed with features that cater to all your kayaking needs.

Its sharp angles, width, and great keel dimension ensure impressive stability and make it perfect for light to medium conditions and ideal for beginners. The kayak features one central hatch, providing ample storage space and easy access to your essentials while also allowing for more legroom. With its compact design, the Fuego is easy to store and transport, making it the perfect choice for city dwellers or those with limited storage space.

This kayak comes fully equipped with a seat, paddle, and a new durable lifeline, making it ready for your next adventure. The Galaxy HV Series™ features three lifelines in Orange, White, and Black, giving you the choice to select the perfect color to match your kayaking style. The rear and front storage area also comes with three coloured bungees, making it easy to secure your gear and transport it with you on the kayak.

Introducing the new special edition series of our kayaks for the year: Sage, Mars, Midnight Storm and Mint Green. These colour kayaks are special edition and come with an orange paddle.

Why Choose Galaxy Kayaks? With over 30,000 kayaks sold across Europe, plenty of customer reviews available, and featuring in some of Europe's most distinguished specialty magazines, you can trust Galaxy Kayaks to deliver the best kayaking experience. Additionally, our kayaks are CE approved and come with a 3-year guarantee on the hull of your kayak.

The Fuego HV Kayak includes:

  • Durable rope lifeline with three colours (Black, White, Orange)
  • Rear and front storage area with bungees in three colours (Black, White, Orange)
  • Identification plaque
  • One large central hatch with a splash bag
  • Four drainage points and four scupper plugs
  • Bow and stern handle, two side handles, and two paddle clips
  • Five Moulded foot braces and twelve D-rings
  • One drainage plug and rear storage area with bungees
  • Premium comfort seat with built-in rear storage
  • Two-piece paddle made from high-grade aluminum

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Length: 286cm, width: 77.5cm, height: 38.5cm

Weight: 21kg

Max carry weight: 140kg

Recommended for people up to a max weight of: 105kg

Choose the Fuego Kayak for the ultimate kayaking experience!

Length 286cm
Width 77.5cm
Height 38.5cm
Weight 21Kg
Max Carry Weight 140Kg
Type of Kayak Leisure
Guarantee 3-year warranty

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