Why should you start Kayaking?

Did you ever wonder why you started something that you now do regularly? Like painting, photography, knitting or any other hobby, which you regularly do in your day-to-day life. Maybe at college you wanted to impress your date, or your parents had a stupendous love story, which you wanted to tell the world about through your blog, your grandparents might have a vintage camera. Who knows? It can be a mixture of many motivations.

It is the same with Kayaking. Kayaking is a great sport to learn even as a beginner. It’s really very easy to pick up, a bit like cycling. Within a few hours of starting, you will be paddling happily (obviously within nice calm beginner friendly conditions).

There are so many different types of kayaking – from flat-water kayaking to sea kayaking and white-water kayaking.

Here are 11 reasons why you should start Kayaking:

1. No Limits - It’s just a pure adrenaline rush. The only limit is how far you want to paddle.

2. Water is soothing - Did you ever watch fish swimming through an aquarium and experience that soothing feeling when they swam past, or imagined the sounds of a lake rippling and flowing nearby. You can experience this relaxation in an even greater way.

3. More Economical - An entry-level kayak can be had for just a few hundred euros when compared to a middle-of-the-line motorboat. There’s no motor to maintain, no high insurance premiums, and no fuel expenses.

4. Kayaking Relieves Stress - Stress relief is probably one of the most cited benefits of kayaking, and it’s not difficult to realize it’s true. Research by Leanna Fines and Dough Nicholas on self-concept, satisfaction, and the attitudinal benefits of kayaking suggests that there are in fact more emotional and mental benefits to paddling beyond stress relief.

The study was based on people who had encountered brain injuries and were not able to participate in outdoor activities. When exposed to a kayaking program for 12 weeks, the emotional and physical benefits were staggering. They recorded an over 27% increase in psychological, social, physiological and educational scores.

5. Easier to Haul and Store – A motorboat requires a trailer and a vehicle large enough to tow it, and then a yard or garage large enough to store it. Some larger kayaks are better towed on a trailer, but all of ours can easily be transported on a car’s roof rack, and their size makes them easier to stow away when not in use.

6. Easier Entry and Exit onto the Water - As above, the lighter the better. Getting in and out of the water is easier with a kayak because of their smaller and lighter size.

7. Can Get to Places Motorboats Can’t Go - When you fish from a kayak you can get to places a motorboat can’t reach—the nooks and crannies along the shore, and much shallower water.

8. It’s Adaptable and Versatile - You can use a kayak in almost any water body such as the ocean, a lake, a dam, or a pool (well, a large pool). Again, there are different uses within all those waters, ranging from marathon racing to fishing or leisure paddling.

First timers and learners are advised to keep out of deep and violent waters, and always be accompanied by a friend who has a good knowledge of kayaking or knows their way around the water. Make sure you also take a fishfinder/GPS for fishing if you want to hook a good catch and then remember your favorite spot.

9. Make New Friends - During a fun day out, kayakers share a strong bond with fellow enthusiasts, which builds camaraderie and enhances friendship. Whether you want to hang out, have some fun, or you have a competitive streak, kayaking is for you.

Personally, this qualifies as one of those very few outdoor activities that you can engage in with your partner to create long-lasting, sensational, and adventurous memories.

10. Go on New Adventures - Every water sports activity offers new opportunities to discover nature and learn something new. Whether you are kayaking off a 30-foot waterfall, exploring crevices in banks on some hidden shoreline, or sneaking up on wildlife on a secluded island, you will never miss an opportunity for adventure during any kayaking event. There are very few things that offer the relaxation and serenity that come with watching the sunset over an ocean, while seated in your kayak. You will get to visit beautiful places around the world, meet new people and get to know new customs and cultures.

11. Tone your Tummy - Water sports are good for working out and transforming your body. Paddling is a great combination of cardio and strength workouts. Kayaking is a great exercise indeed. Very few other outdoor activities offer this level of aerobic exercise coupled with upper body conditioning.

According to scientific research, kayaking for one hour can burn up to 500 calories. So theoretically, if you kayak for 4 hours (not sure anyone ever does that!), you basically lose 2000 calories, weight watchers favorite!

Didn’t find a perfect reason out of the eleven? Then check out the video below - as they say - images speak a thousand words.

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