Top Kayak Accessories for 2019

A day out kayaking is great, but we all know that having the right tools will make the day even more enjoyable. We have done the research and made a list of our favourite accessories for kayaking. Now all you have to do is get geared up and head out onto the water!

1. Kayak Stabilisers 

These kayak stabilizers (also known as kayak outriggers) are suitable for all Galaxy Kayaks with motor bracket moulds and are perfect for assisting increased stability when stand up fishing or fly fishing off of your kayak.

These kayak outriggers are made from LEPD plastic and feature a round 6” hatch to access the inside. This allows you to store any additional items you want for later or keep your catches in an isolated compartment.


  • 2 x LEPD kayak outriggers
  • 3 x Stainless steel
  • 2 x Plastic locking mechanisms
  • 2 x Round 6” Hatch
  • 2 x Drainage plugs

Hull Material: LLDPE

Frame Material: Stainless Steel 304

Stabilizer weight: 7.70kg

Stabilizer Length: 1.20M

Colours: Marine, Silver, Black, White, Orange

These kayak outriggers are a great addition to your kayaking experience, especially if you love to fish standing up.

Kayak Stabilisers 

2. Kayak Covers

Are you looking to keep your kayak in the best condition while storing it? Keeping it out of the sun on long trips or minimising the scratches and bumps during transport? Then our kayak covers are just what you need.

These kayak covers come in three different sizes and colours (marine camo, jungle camo & grey) and are built using durable oxford fabric. These kayak covers are UV resistant and waterproof making them good choices to store your kayak during the off season.

They are ideal for covering your kayak to prevent dust and dirt getting into them and help to keep your kayak from getting damaged.


  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof

Material: Oxford fabric

Colours: Marine, Jungle, Grey
Packing: 1pc per bag

Kayak Covers

3. Kayak Sail Vela Eola

EOLA is a new concept of sailing designed with articulated foot and a system that allows to fix it in any boat without the need to drill it. It is a removable and easy to use sail, the most intuitive and economical way to start in the world of sailing. 

With a surface of 250 cm2 (Big sail), it raises the option of a zipper that, in case of very strong winds, makes it possible to get rid of a 25% of sail area. Without the option of the zipper but with half the surface (125 cm2), the small EOLA (small sail) has been designed both for those who want to start sailing and for those who already know how to navigate. 

This sail has been tested at sea with force 10 (50 knots), reaching a speed in a tandem kayak with two people of 15 knots.

Vela Eola
4. NRS/Galaxy Kayaks Straps 

NRS HD straps are the best lashing straps you can find.The favorites of kayakers, canoeists and other outdoor sportsmen for more than 35 years. 


  • Polypropylene webbing with a tensile strength of 750KG, to attach your equipment safely. 
  • UV treatment for long life in outdoor. 
  • Two centrally moulded stainless steel grips for a strong and secure grip. 
  • Buckle with 2 stainless steel springs mounted in the center. 
  • Waterproof label to mark contact information.


Kayak Straps NRS

5. Galaxy Storage Pod

The Galaxy Storage Pod is an essential piece of kit for anyone looking for a detachable storage unit to add to their kayak. This lightweight storage pod has multiple purposes including storing any items you want more protected from potential water contact and using it as a fish storage container or you can even add an oxygenator to convert it into a bait box.


  • Large Storage Hatch
  • Two copper inserts for starport accessories
  • Two D rings
  • Two fastening clips


Length: 59.5cm

Width: 37cm

Height: 29.5cm

Weight: 3.4kg

Hatch opening diameter: 19cm

 Storage Pods

6. Railblaza Accessories 

RAILBLAZA products are so versatile, and great value for money. They’re committed to making people’s lives easier, by providing diverse, flexible and user-friendly mounting systems and accessories to the kayakers, RV and farming sectors internationally. They have proven this commitment by a process of continuous refinement of their product line, and excellent customer service

Railblaza Accessories


7. NRS Clothing and Safety Materials 

NRS is a world leader in kayak safety and apparel. Choose from any of their life jackets to kayak apparel for peace of mind on the water.

NRS Clothing and Equipment

8. Lazy-Boys H Trolley

The Lazy H Kayak Cart is the new kayak trolley from Lazy-Boys. This trolley is designed for inserting into the scupper plugs of your sit on top kayak. Like the famous Lazy-Boys Kayak Cart, the Lazy H uses inflatable all terrain wheels which do not sink when transporting your heavy kayak on the beach.

Item size: 2 units = 46cm x 2cm x 1.7cm, 1 unit = 86.5 x 2cm x 1.7cm

Material: Ionised metallic blue aluminium & rubber

Max capacity: 90kg

Package weight: 6kg

Package size: 90cm x 40cm x 20cm

Lazy-Boys H Trolley


9. Galaxy Kayaks Roof Rack Protectors
The Galaxy Kayak protectors  for roof racks are designed to protect the kayak and increase the grip base for safe transport.


Material: Composed of an interior foam and wrapped with a resistant material to protect the kayak. 

Measures: 90cm x 10cm


  • Adjustment for roof racks with velcro
  • 2 protectors

Roof Rack Protectors

 10.Galaxy Kayaks Dry Bag

The Galaxy Kayaks is a crucial equipment for those of you who want to keep delicate equipment safe from water damage. 

The Galaxy Dry Bags comes in 3 sizes 15L, 10L and 5L

Made from 500D anti-tear PVC these bags can withstand the elements and keep your stuff nice and dry. 


  • Folding Clip Lock Top 
  • 2 D Rings 
  • 500D Anti-tear PVC - Thickness 0.5 MM

Dry Bag