9 Crazy Kayak Fishing Videos

We may be a bit partial to saying that kayak fishing is one of the best ways of enjoying the wonderful outdoors. It’s not just because you get to experience nature but you also get to practice your favourite hobby and some exercise at the same time.

It’s also versatile as you can be paddling one day to some wrecks off your local coast and the next day you can be up river exploring new and remote spots.

Over the last ten years, kayak fishing has been experiencing a massive increase in popularity. This also comes with an advancement in technology which means action cams are widely available to capture some pretty crazy moments.

Whether you're just dipping your toes into this world or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s always good fun to browse the many videos available online.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the craziest online kayak fishing videos. These videos were chosen based on the fact that they exhibit a considerable number of things that you might never have found elsewhere. Sit back and let’s get started. Shall we?


1. Kayak Fisherman fights off aggressive hammerhead shark


This video shows a kayak fisherman out in search for halibut. After several hours of rigorous search, he couldn’t find any. He saw a school of bonito and on his way to them is when he felt a bump. He was then forced to turn back towards his left-hand side, and he saw a hammerhead who looked like he meant business. The shark hits his kayak repeatedly trying to suss it out. The guy paddling defends himself using his paddle and eventually the shark gives up. It’s a scary dose of reality and something we all never hope to experience.

2. It’s a GARsome


This video shows a guy in his kayak fishing his local river and strikes what turns out to be a massive alligator gar. He says the gar was near to 100 pounds and by the looks of it in the video it seems pretty big.


3. Octopus Caught While Kayak Fishing


Initially, he thought it was a snap, but then he was able to shoot from the underwater even while it was very close to his kayak. That was how he was able to kill the octopus.

4. Kayak Launch Fail, Funny Video


We’ve all been there! In this funny video we see the much dreaded launch fail. Three guys on what appears to be rental kayaks try their turns at launching their kayaks.

5. Iguana calls an Uber


I was coming in from an offshore trip and I noticed a weird shaped object floating in the distance.  All I could see were the multiple fins running down its back so I thought it was some sort of palm frond, but it just didn't look right.  I ended up stopping and noticed that it started swimming.  It was pretty crazy seeing this guy so far out.

6. Another Shark Encounter


Ok guys, it’s another shark encounter video. I know it's a bit repetitive but there’s just something magical about them that fills people with awe. This time it's a friendly great white who is simply curious as to what a kayak is.

7. Just crazy


This isn't a kayak fishing video at all but it's just a crazy online video. Two guys in kayaks flying down a drainage ditch


Last but not least, here’s a couple videos from your local team: