Ten Golden Rules of Kayak Fishing


Kayak fishing is a superb sport and an excellent way to explore the great outdoors, keep fit and relax. At Galaxy Kayaks we want to promote the best practice methods that have helped keep this fantastic activity friendly, maintain an open community and an appreciation for our natural surroundings. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of Golden Rules that apply when taking part in this fascinating sporting activity.


1. Be Safe

As with any sport or activity - safety first- a life jacket is an absolutely essential piece of equipment during every kayak fishing voyage. It is important to invest in a fishing-kayak-specific life jacket that is suitably designed for the task at hand. Kayak fishing life jackets have more room around the arms so that they are more comfortable when paddling and casting, and have extra pockets for quick and easy access to fishing accessories and tackle whilst out on the water.

 2. Watch the Wind and Weather 

Always remember to check the weather forecast before you set off. This is paramount prior to all kayak fishing trips, but especially relevant when embarking on an excursion at sea.  Weather conditions can change rapidly and worsen quickly so to be one step ahead of the game is essential for safety. Always dress appropriately for the weather either wearing waterproofs or applying plenty of sun protection when required.


3. Know your Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks that are stable and comfortable and sturdy enough for almost anyone to jump on and start fishing from. However, learning to become a better kayaker will not only make you safer on the water but also a better angler whilst practicing the sport. So, hone your paddling and steering skills, research the right fishing kayak for you, and be a safer, slicker, more fruitful kayak fisherman.

4. Know your Accessories

Many fishing kayaks (such as the Wahoo Fishing Kayak by Galaxy Kayaks), can be customized and have the option of attaching many different accessories in order to enhance your kayak fishing experience. For example, tailor-made seating, trawling rods, camera booms, and storage pods can all be adapted to your kayak at any time. Safety flags, lights, and GPS devices can also be fixed for when fishing in poor conditions or with low lighting and visibility. These accessories can all be essential pieces of kit depending on your kayak fishing expedition. Therefore, research and select your accessories carefully so that your fishing kayak is uniquely adapted to suit you and the specific conditions surrounding it.


5. Know and Respect the Rules and Regulations of the Location

There are, of course, specific times of the year when fishing is not permitted, and in most cases illegal, as per the regulations of the country that you are fishing in. Ensure that you always fish within the correct fishing season. Each waterway has its own localized rules and regulations, and its in all our interests to observe, respect and adhere to those rules and regulations when kayak fishing at home and/or abroad.


6. Leave No Trace

Its our passion for the outdoors, fishing and our desire to be in harmony and at one with nature that has brought the majority of us into the wonderful world of kayak fishing. Lets make sure we work together to protect and preserve the very essence of it by removing all rubbish, taking with us what we came with and leaving no trace. Leave launches and river banks clean and tidy, and leave beaches and lakesides as wed all hope to find them; as nature intended. If it was there when you arrived, do the right thing and take that away with you too. 

7. Practice Catch and Release

There are hundreds of species of fish presently on the endangered species list and many of these are species that we, as lovers of kayak fishing, will encounter during an average day’s sea, river or lake fishing. By practicing the catch and release method of fishing we can all play our part in the preservation of these species plus all the other wonderful species (whether on the endangered list or not) and the protection of their, and our, natural environment. If you want to preserve the moment and record the memory of your catch then simply take a picture; indulge in an accessory such as a camera boom for your device or GoPro, that can be securely fastened to your kayak whilst on the water.   

8. Kayak Fishing Etiquette

Say hello! or even a simple nod will suffice, but acknowledge others and be courteous. The kayak fishing community is a most friendly, relaxed and open one so embrace this. Respect and communicate with your fellow kayak anglers, and if someone approaches you and you are feeling less than chatty then politely let them know that you are heading up river with a wave and a smile.


9. Be Helpful

Share your knowledge with others, and if someone looks like they are struggling with their technique or kit then offer some advice and a helping hand. This is a sure way to protect and preserve the integrity of the kayak fishing sport and its community. By passing on knowledge to future generations and/or newcomers we can enhance the experience for everyone involved, including the fish and the environment.


10. Have fun!

Kayak fishing is a fun sporting activity for everyone; young, old, experienced or not. Kayak fishing is a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the wonders of nature.  There are many different fishing kayaks available on the market to choose from to ensure your experience is the most enjoyable that it can be. These can include customized, specialist, fishing kayaks for the more practiced fishing kayaker,  tandem fishing kayaks-such as the Cruz Fisher Tandem by Galaxy Kayaks-(also suited to family adventures and team explorations), to basic, entry-level fishing kayaks that can be upgraded and accessorised throughout the lifespan of your fishing kayak journey and acquired experience.

            So, take to the water, be safe and respectful, courteous and helpful, and you will be sure to have a wonderful, challenging experience in harmony with nature that will always be rewarding if you stick to these simple rules.