Top Choices for Kayak Fishing TV Shows

We all love to be in the know. We all want the best advice and top tips. Knowledge passed on, passed down and passed around is key for any communitys sense of spirit and survival, and we thrive upon sharing our experiences with others that want to learn, that want to engage and that want to be inspired. At Galaxy Kayaks we are no different. We love to share our knowledge and experiences with others whilst always learning and aspiring to achieve perfection within our own field of expertise.

We enjoy nothing better than gorging on our favourite topic, Kayak Fishing, but recently we have found there to be so many channels that information is spouted from, obtained from, sourced from and swallowed half-heartedly. From Blogs, forums, chat rooms, and social media to topic specific magazines, good old-fashioned books and the bloke down the pub, everyone seems to have an opinion and information is abundant.

So, where is the best place to source reliable information? How can we trust that the information that we are being fed is correct, the source is valid and quantifiable with so many channels to feed from?

Well, at Galaxy Kayaks, with all the other choices around us taken into account, we think that the well-established format of a TV Show is still one of the best ways to gather information and share knowledge. We believe that a well-produced and well-informed TV Show allows the viewer the chance to build a relationship with the hosts and their team. We are able to look them in the eye, take them at face value, judge the sincerity of the information that we are being fed and decide for ourselves upon the credibility of the source.

A TV show also enables us to watch the action take place, specifically valid within the world of kayaking, to see how others cope in various, precarious situations and to gauge our own achievements and room-for-improvements against those that we can see on screen.

We can dive right in and witness exciting footage of thrilling catches in diverse and breathtaking locations, mostly brought to us by accomplished and established sources such as seasoned and expert fishermen, competent and proficient kayakers, designers, manufacturers and decorated individuals from all dimensions of the kayaking and fishing world.

We can also see, first hand, the introduction of intriguing and innovative products being tried and tested by practiced pros and their contemporaries. All of whom are choosing to share their knowledge with us simply because of their passion for what they do. They want to encourage and motivate others to do it just as successfully and passionately as they do.

So, at Galaxy Kayaks we have selected what we believe to be some of the best kayak fishing shows for you to watch. As with all TV shows they are tailored to suit different tastes, some meant to open up the fishing kayak world to the masses, others more suited to the more discerning fishing kayaker amongst us, but all are produced for the love of the sport in the hope of informing, enthusing, entertaining and thrilling the viewer. We hope that you feel all of these things, and some, by the end of your viewing and are raring to jump onto a kayak, take to the open waters and get Kayak Fishing!


Galaxy Kayaks Kayak Fishing Top TV Show Choices:

Jim Sammons - The Kayak Fishing Show

A fresh style of a fishing show featuring jaw-dropping action in stunning locations. Every episode follows host Jim Sammons as he travels the world with his kayak, on the hunt for the biggest and most challenging game fish.

Chad Hoover - Kayak Bassin TV

I've worked very hard to give back as much as I can to the sport of kayak fishing and specifically the bass fishing side of it. I have made it my number one goal to provide the best possible leadership and insights to help grow the sport and attract new participants.- Chad Hoover

Discovery Channel - Pacific Warriors

Follow the brave Hawaiian men and women who venture out in kayaks, to catch some of the most desirable fish in the sea

Galaxy Kayaks - The Kayak Show

Our passion for the outdoors, fishing and our desire to live in harmony and at one with nature brought us to the world of kayaks. Watch our unique and dynamic blend of product analysis, on-location footage, and antidotes delivered to you by our die hard, experienced kayak fishing team

Yak Fishing TV

YakFish TV produces films focused around kayaking, fishing and, most importantly, the great outdoors. We partner with brands who embody the spirit of the outdoors to share incredible experiences with our audiences. We kayak. We fish. We film.