Back to School and Work Special: the importance of a healthy routine.

There’s a slight nip in the air, a cool breeze coming in and as the sun starts to set on another summer thoughts of alarm clocks and school bells and homework and traffic jams start to seep in. Late nights, lazy mornings and frivolous days have been the order of things for the last months and that’s all about to change. The old ‘back to school’ routine is around the corner, and we need to prepare.


So, if like us, the slow and steady onslaught of BBQ’s, fiestas and beach days throughout the summer months have left you with a varying degree of lethargy and a relatively much-larger-than-before belly then we have some ideas that will help you and your family launch into the Autumn months with a spring in your step and a healthy, fun and family orientated agenda.


A ‘back to school’ routine is essential for creating a steady environment for you and your family to thrive in. Weekdays are filled with the stresses of work and school and a routine that often involves the mundane and ‘boring’ trappings of life. Therefore, it is important to introduce a good balance of ying and yang into your weekly routine by entering something a little unusual into the mix at the weekend, something that the family can enjoy together. An activity that is exciting, engaging, challenging and most importantly allows you all to escape the stresses of the week and have fun in a healthy and rewarding environment. And what better environment than the ‘great outdoors’ and exploring it’s waters, by kayak.


Leisure Kayaking is a great way to relax and unwind whilst keeping fit and taking in all that nature has to offer and you’d be surprised at the variety of leisure kayaks available. The Blaze kayak and Cruz Tandem leisure kayaks by Galaxy Kayaks are perfect examples of how versatile these vessels can be. The Blaze kayak is a large, single person kayak and is great for those who want to explore as it’s length allow for a smoother glide across the water and make long journeys easier and more comfortable. The Cruz Tandem kayak is a 2 + 1 kayak designed for fun with family and friends. It’s unique 2 + 1 design means that it suits two adults, plus a child (in the middle seat) or a dog, meaning that all members of the family young and old or otherwise can safely join in the weekends’ excursions on the water. Both of these kayaks are sea, river, and lake worthy and will take you and your family and friends on adventures to explore places that you’ve never been to before together!


So, we think, that with a little routine spontaneity the fun doesn't have to end with summer, pushing ourselves to go that little bit further when the days seem so much shorter by taking the time to   introduce into our routine a healthy and spirited option that allows all the family to focus, at least once a week, on the importance of what lifestyle really means, to reconnect with nature, relax, have fun, keep fit and overcome challenges together. To show our children the virtues of being outside, in a safe environment, using 100% human paddle power

--all with a bitter sweet taste


“I’m gonna do one thing a day” I heard myself say, way back in May, with every intention of, this summer sustaining the healthy!