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Are you looking for a sport kayak that can cut through the water with ease and achieve high speeds?

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Are you looking for a sport kayak that can cut through the water with ease and achieve high speeds?

Our well-known range of sit-on-top kayaks are fantastic for fishing and fun. However, a dedicated sit-inside sport kayak will glide through the water leaving the others behind.

The Tamatoa sport kayak by Galaxy Kayaks is a neat, sleek and dynamic sport and sit-inside kayak that skilfully carves it’sway through the water with the aid of it’s built in, retractable skeg, rudder and pedal system and razor-sharp, cutting edge, V-shaped hull.

So, what is so great about the Galaxy Tamatoa kayak we hear you ask?

The Galaxy Tamatoa kayak comes with a rudder, which is controlled by using its adjustable pedal system, allowing you to competently direct your kayak. This feature, along with the built-in skeg create a truly versatile, functional piece of kit that will help you navigate around and negotiate your way through all water conditions.

The skeg assists tracking and helps you and your kayak to stay on course, particularly during windy and choppy conditions. As the skeg starts to work in harmony with you, your paddle, and your kayak you can witness the Galaxy Tamatoa’s remarkable ability to execute high speeds whilst maintaining control, balance and speed.

At 507cm in length and 25kg in weight the Galaxy Tamatoa sport kayak is a relatively long kayak but still light weight and easy to transport and store. This nifty kayak, is indeed a good all rounder, and has a generous cockpit size of 85cm x 45cm, making the Galaxy Tamatoa a deceptively versatile option.

The size of the cockpit on your kayak is extremely important and relates directly to safety, comfort and control. A snug fit is a good thing. Your hips and thighs need to be in contact with the your kayak for edging and rolling, manoeuvrability and control. To give an indication as to the correct cockpit width for you, measure your hip width and leg length whilst sitting down!

With it’s adjustable knee brace, adjustable seat and pedal steering system the Galaxy Tamatoa enables you to make all those essential on-board cockpit alterations that turn your kayak into a made-to-measure boat that will allow you to cope comfortably and safely with the physical demands of kayaking.

It also comes with a moulded fitting for a spray skirt as would be expected in a sport kayak.

The Galaxy Tamatoa sport kayak is loaded with factory fitted accessories that come as standard. Two oval hatches with buckles, one small round hatch, elastic bungee cords with deck balls and handles at either end to help you carefully transport your kayak around on dry land.

All of this makes the Tamatoa an extremely attractive, affordable and functional sport kayak that is comfortable, stable and fast!

Why choose Galaxy Kayaks?

Over 20,000 kayaks sold across Europe
Plenty of customer reviews available
Featured in some of Europe’s most distinguished speciality magazines
3 years guarantee
30 days no questions asked promise
Real CE (Conformité Européenne) approved kayaks
If you want more reasons to trust Galaxy Kayaks read Why Choose Galaxy Kayaks?

This Kayak Includes:

Rudder and pedal system: adjustable pedals and a smooth rudder system that allows for an increased angle of manoeuvrability and helps control the kayak

Retractable Skeg: to assist with tracking and comes with a hand lever to position the skeg into and out of the water

Mould-in Knee Brace: for additional kayak control and comfort

Bow and Stern Oval hatches: with buckles to secure them to the kayak

Front round hatch: with access to a small storage compartment. Ideal for storing small items you want to take with you.

Moulded cockpit: for the addition of a spray deck

Lifeline made of rope: to help you in case you cannot return into the kayak

Elastic bungee cords: for both the bow and stern of the kayak. Ideal for securing extra items to your kayak.

Deck ball: gives help when storing and using spare paddle or other deck items which need to be used while seated. It also helps hide ugly knots.

1 x bow and stern handle: for easy transport of your kayak


Length: 507cm
Width: 55cm
Depth: 30cm
Weight: 25kg
Cockpit Size: 80×42cm
Max Cap. : 150kg

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