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The Galaxy Marlin 430 is our latest top of the range fishing kayak that is designed for serious offshore kayaking. 

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Galaxy Marlin 430

The Galaxy Marlin 430 is our latest top of the range fishing kayak that is designed for serious offshore kayaking. Its length and keel design make this kayak especially sea worthy and allow it to glide through waves easily and achieve impressive speeds making you reach your favourite fishing spots even faster.

The Galaxy Marlin fishing kayak is the first in our range that comes with the raised Voyager seat that is incredibly comfortable and keeps you dry from any onboard water, making it a joy for longer sessions out on your favourite sea, lake or river.

This sea kayak comes with lots of great features including a multipurpose rotatable hatch that includes 16 copper inserts for attaching various mounts like a fish finder, as well as a moulded bottle holder and bungee support. By being rotatable, it allows you to keep any precious cargo, like electronic equipment, out of direct contact with any water when needed - which can make all the difference when paddling through a big set of waves. Then with one simple movement you rotate the hatch with all the equipment already attached and you are ready to go.

With it’s 430cm length and 76cm width, this is a long but stable kayak that has a max carry load of up to 180kg. This is the longest and fastest kayak in our range!

The Galaxy Marlin 430 kayak comes with two rear flush mount rod holders, two moulded storage rod holders and a rectangular swivel pro rod holder as standard. The kayak also comes with a transducer mount located at the bottom of the hull which easily connects to the multipurpose rotatable console through a scupper plug.

Finally, like all Galaxy Kayaks, the Marlin comes fully equipped with a seat and paddle so all you need is a lifejacket and you’re ready for your next adventure! We offer this model with the raised Voyager seat, but if you prefer paddling closer to the water, you can also purchase our Premium Comfort Seat which works just as well.

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This Kayak Includes:

1 Marlin raised Voyager seat: this special high seat allows you to sit in a higher position which means you get extra protection from onboard water and a much more comfortable ride. It also comes with two wheels which can be added to it and converts the seat into a trolley. Paddling from a higher position improves your visibility on the water which may help with spotting fish from a distance.

1 multipurpose rotatable hatch: that includes 16 copper inserts for attaching various mounts like a fish finder, GPS, rod holders, electronic supports, camera mounts etc.. and on the other side you get a moulded bottle holder and bungee support.

1 transducer compartment: located in a scupper plug hole on the bottom of the kayak. This means you can fit the transducer under the kayak in direct contact with the water and easily pass cables through to your fish finder whilst keeping the unit nice and protected. The cables can also be passed through the swivel support arm so that all the cables are neatly tucked out of the way at all times. No DIY necessary - Galaxy Kayaks have already done this for you.

Rudder and pedal system: strong pedals and a smooth rudder system that allows for an increased angle of manoeuvrability and helps control the kayak in rough conditions. The Marlin’s system uses a protective sleeve on the rudder cable which means it is better protected from water damage and easier to replace if needed.

1 lifeline made from durable rope: this durable rope allows the paddler to connect items to it, and is useful for manoeuvres such as anchor positioning.

2 paddle clips: to safely store your paddle when not in use.

1 drainage plug: located in the front of the kayak to completely drain any bilge water that has been absorbed into the hull after use.

Stainless steel screws: in high marine grade stainless steel

1 Marlin front storage hatch: with flexible seal fitting with direct access into the hull of the kayak

1 Marlin rear storage hatch: for general storage with flexible seal and direct access into the hull of the kayak

6 drainage points: located around the kayak, allowing you to choose where to drain water whilst maintaining desired areas dry.

6 scupper plugs: made from high quality rubber. Insert and remove when required for self-drainage system to activate.

1 large rear storage area: complete with bungees, this area makes it easy to transport items on the kayak. This model also includes a special storage area for trolley wheels.

2 large flush mount fixed rod holders: two in the back for user preference.

2 moulded rod holders: for secure and extra storage during paddling

1 swivel pro rod holder: for multidirectional fishing use and central fitting area for easy connection.

1 x Marlin bow and stern handle: for easy transport of your kayak

2 x Marlin side handles: for easy transport of your kayak

8 Marlin rings: for easy clip-on of items such as seats.

1 two-piece paddle: made from high-grade aluminium making it light and weather resistant. The paddle can be easily constructed and deconstructed for easy storage.


Length: 430cm, width: 76cm, height: 28cm

Weight: 32kg, max carry weight: 180kg

Length 430 cm
Width 76 cm
Height 28 cm
Weight 32 kg
Load 180 kg
Type of Kayak Fishing
Guarantee 3-year warranty

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questions Paco on 27/02/2018

How long is this kayak?


This kayak is 438cm long.

questions Paco Pit on 27/10/2017

Does this kayak come with a swivel rod holder?


Hi Paco, yes this kayak comes with a swivel rod holder as standard. It also comes with two flush mounted rod holders located just behind the seat. It also has plenty of options to add further rod holders if needed.

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