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The Best Kayak Fishing Spots in Europe

Well, want no more, because here at Galaxy Kayaks we are lucky enough to have a fantastic team of colleagues, pro-team and friends that stretch far across the European fishing community and so we have asked some of our most experienced and well-traveled fishing amigos across the lands for some information on their favourite locations not for only kayak fishing, but also for some serious relaxation and taking in the local culture.
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Kayak Safety Tips: Wind and Tide

The thrill of kayaking is unlike any other. This water-sport pits you against powerful seas, lakes, and rapids, battling your way through, maneuvering your vessel against mother nature. Kayaking is safe and very easy to participate in even for first-timers. But Mother Nature is as kind and beautiful as she can be unforgiving, especially when not respected. The ocean can prove to be a constantly changing environment and the change could possibly be for the worst. Understanding such hazards beforehand prepares you for any eventuality and helps develop a safety conscious attitude that goes a long way in ensuring that you make the best decisions while on the water, decisions that ensure your safety above everything else.
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The Best Kayaking Adventure Holidays in Europe

Europe has something for everyone, from high culture to great gastronomy to adrenaline-pumping experiences. There are mountains that meet the stars, vivid colors moving through night skies and roads that wander aimlessly over hilltops. Europe is full of many languages, cultures, with many natural landmarks and an endless variety of coastlines. These coastlines offer many types of kayaking experiences. Searching for your next European Kayaking experience? Look no further.
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How To Paddle: Basic Paddling Strokes Kayaking

If you’re off kayaking and want to make sure you've got the basics down, there are a few basic paddling strokes that will give you the start you need. One of the first items kayakers upgrade is their paddle and this is all great once you’ve mastered the basic strokes. From learning to move forward to turning and controlling the boat, there’s a stroke for everything. 
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How to re-enter a sit on top kayak

Kayaking is an amazing sport. It’s full of opportunities to experience the beauty of nature. While kayaking can be a lot of fun, it can also be a little scary when your kayak flips over, especially if you are new to kayaking or simply don’t know how to correct yourself. So what do you do? How do you get back in?
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Top Choices for Kayak Fishing TV Shows

We all love to be in the know. We all want the best advice and top tips. Knowledge passed on, passed down and passed around is key for any community’s sense of spirit and survival, and we thrive upon sharing our experiences with others that want to learn, that want to engage and that want to be inspired. At Galaxy Kayaks we are no different. We love to share our knowledge and experiences with others whilst always learning and aspiring to achieve perfection within our own field of expertise.
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5 Awesome Environmentalists you need to know about

With the onset of climate change, the surge in education about the use of plastics has opened our eyes towards making a change for environmental causes. We have taken positive steps and last year Galaxy Kayaks joined One Percent For The Planet, a non-profit organization which we discuss in the article below. So without waiting further, here are five heroes guaranteed to inspire and educate you as they did for the team at Galaxy Kayaks.
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Why should you start Kayaking?

Did you ever wonder why you started something that you now do regularly? Like painting, photography, knitting or any other hobby, which you regularly do in your day-to-day life. Maybe at college, you wanted to impress your date, or your parents had a stupendous love story, which you wanted to tell the world about through your blog, your grandparents might have a vintage camera. Who knows? It can be a mixture of many motivations.
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How to do an Eskimo Roll?

Every kayaker will flip over at some point in his or her early paddling career. Flipping over in a kayak is really just part of the game and can actually be fun, but there are other times when being upside down in a kayak can lead to a dangerous situation. For this reason, every kayaker should learn how to right themselves in these situations. The Eskimo Roll is a technique which is practiced in sit-inside kayaks. For non-sit-inside kayaks, then you will need to learn other techniques for re-entry.
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How To Build A Great Paddling First Aid Kit

When you head out on a paddling trip, there are a few things that can go wrong and accidents should never be left to chance. For example, your buddy could cut themselves after a clumsy fall or a friend could run into a group of angry wasps. That’s without mentioning the fact that first aid kit supplies tend to dwindle and are often forgotten about. So, whether you’re a guide or simply someone who’s heading out for the weekend it’s important that your paddling first aid kit is stocked and ready to go.
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